New blog

Hey everyone,

It’s more of a personal blog, but I will be talking about the Phillies, especially with the postseason right around the corner…
Hope to see you all over there!!

So long, for now…until I move on

From the looks of things, the last time I wrote in here was back in April…

As if my absence wasn’t proof enough, I’m gonna stop with this blog and move on to another blog, one not just about the Phils, but probably about sports in general, maybe throw some tidbits in about my life…we’ll see if I actually keep up with that one..haha..
So, for now…I bid you adieu. If and when I do decide to create another blog elsewhere, I’ll post the web address on here, so if any one of you fine people would like to follow me, you can :)
Until then…
Let’s go Phils!!!!!

sad, sad week in baseball

I am still in shock with the news I came into my house hearing today…

Harry Kalas, a voice I’ve known since the day I was born, has passed away around 1 pm.
There are no words to describe how much he meant not only to the Phillies, but to the city of Philadelphia, surrounding area, and Phillies fans nation/worldwide. He was amazing at what he did, and his “that ball is OUTTA HERE” call will forever live with me.
He will be sorely missed. My prayers and condolences are with the entire Kalas family and the Phillies organization. 
RIP Harry Kalas :'(
Also last week, the LA Angels lost a huge part of their future.  Nick Adenhart was killed in a car accident last Thursday. He was only 22, and had a very bright future ahead of him.  
My prayers and condolences are also with the Adenhart family and the Angels organization.
RIP Nick Adenhart
on a lighter note, the Phils are winning as I type, 3-2, over the Nationals in the bottom of the 3rd. They won yesterday in their typical come-from-behind fashion and beat the Rockies, 7-5.
LET’S GO PHILS…do it for Harry<3


ok, so this entry isn’t phillies-related…well, not totally, of course i’ll talk about the phils, but like every other philly fan out there, i have to get one thing off my chest…

WHYYYY is brian dawkins gone?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
i, like everyone else, am completely heartbroken. he was one of my favorite players on the team. actually, he might have been my favorite, along with westbrook and akers (yes yes i know, he’s the kicker…but i don’t care he’s still my favorite. :)  )
…and just when i thought i could come to terms with this mind-numbing loss, i learned that correll buckhalter, jon runyan, and lito sheppard are also gone.
my uncle, who is a long-time season ticket holder, cancelled them. 
i’ve been having serious conversations with myself on leaving the eagles altogether and switching to a team in the afc. (i know i know, it would be a hasty decision….all i’m saying is the eagles better make up for this and sign someone just as good as those 3, and then i’ll think about it.)
but now that that’s off my chest, not completely, but close…let’s get to those phils…
they, at least, are not breaking my heart into a million pieces.
they won their last two games, against the rays and the braves, with the scores 12-5 and 7-3, respectively.
and, we got to see pat the bat in his new uniform (speaking of philly giants leaving…), and also saw that he received a warm ovation from the home crowd in clearwater. i miss pat, and it was good to see him again, even if it was on the opposing team.
tomorrow, while the entire northeast is enjoying their 12 inches of snow, the phils will be hard at work in sunny florida, where they’ll play the blue jays @ 1:05.
**34 days till opening night!!!!!!!**

spring training, day 2

so, the phils didn’t have the most successful spring training game yesterday, getting knocked out by the pirates 8-2…

and today isn’t really the greatest either…as of right now, they are losing, 6-2 against the blue jays…
i’m also sitting here wondering whether or not i should sign up for a fantasy baseball team…i guess since it’s free, why not, right? hmm….
the next spring training game for the phils is tomorrow at the reds @ 1:05….

finally!!!!! :)

spring training is slated to start today!!!! yes!!!!!!!!! :D

i’ve been waiting all offseason for this, been waiting through my eagles losing to the cardinals, waiting through watching my flyers win some and lose some…..
finally my team, my heart, will be playing some baseball!!!! 
unfortunately, they won’t be on tv, but that’s what the internet is for, right?
luckily for me, there will be some baseball on tv, even though it isn’t the phils…on mlb network, which is the best channel ever created (those who have it know what i’m talking about!!), they will show 2 games, one from each league.
they are: the giants at the indians @ 3pm (east. time)
             the red sox and the twins @ 7pm (east. time)
those should be fun to watch!!! i know i’m excited!!!
getting back to the phils…
they will play TODAY at 1:05 at the pirates.
here’s the line-up, according to
1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. Shane Victorino, CF 
3. Raul Ibanez, LF 
4. Ryan Howard, 1B 
5. Geoff Jenkins, RF 
6. Matt Stairs, DH 
7. Jason Donald, 2B 
8. Eric Bruntlett, 3B 
9. Chris Coste, C
also from, here’s the pitching rotation for today:
Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton, Joe Bisenius, Scott Nestor, Dave Borkowski, Mike Koplove and Jake Woods.

should be an exciting game….LET’S GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!

Its been a while…

Hey everyone…
it’s been a while, i know…

And a lot’s been going on since i’ve written last. First off, Pat Burrell is not a Phillie anymore :(.
He’s now with the Rays…how’s that for irony??

Alex Rodruiguez is the head of the steroids debacle, and recent word has it that he lied about his supplier, which most likely means suspension for him.

Spring training has also started, and to the Phillies, that means whether or not Chase can come back Opening Day. Which is looking very good, according to recent reports.

I’m so psyched for Spring Training games to start!!!


this is quite possibly the WORST news ever…especially for me. :(

as i’m sure everyone knows, chase utley has been plagued with hip problems, esp. towards the end of the season….
well, espn has just announced that he will have surgery on his hip, and will be out 4-6 months.
he will get the surgery next week.
best case senario, he will return early april. or, he is expected to return late may-early june.
:( nooo chase utley :(
please, please, pleaseeeee have a speedy recovery!!!!!!!! 
in other news, congrats to dustin pedroia and albert pujols for winning mvp.
and congrats to ryan howard for placing second in mvp voting!!

extremely late…

Yeah I know, I dropped the ball a bit haha…

I haven’t written in a week, but school’s been kicking the life out of me…so this is the only time I can get to write about the million things that have happened in the past week.
First things first: Matt Holliday has been traded to the Oakland A’s. Interesting…I didn’t think they were in that whole fiasco…oh well, he was asking for too much anyway…
Next, to the various awards that have been handed out…
Manager of the Year: not Charlie Manuel, but Lou Pinella. They had based it on the regular season, when the Cubs did have the best record in the NL, so it’s understandable…Mr. Manuel did come in second though, so it’s not a total loss.
AL Manager of the Year was Joe Maddon, and respectably so.
Cy Young Award: AL, Cliff Lee; NL, Tim Lincecum.
Brad Lidge placed 4th in voting.
Silver Slugger: Yay for Chase Utley for winning this award the third year in a row!!!! He is the best second baseman, let’s be serious.
The other winners were, by position~
1B-AL, Justin Morneau..NL, Albert Pujols
2B-AL, Dustin Pedroia..NL, Chase Utley :D
3B-AL, Alex Rodriguez..NL, David Wright
SS-AL, Derek Jeter..NL, Hanley Ramirez
C-AL, Joe Mauer..NL, Brian McCann
OF-AL, Josh Hamilton; Carlos Quentin; Grady Sizemore..NL, Ryan Braun; Matt Holliday; Ryan Ludwick
P-NL, Carlos Zambrano
DH-AL, Aubrey Huff
~~The League MVP’s will be handed out on Tuesday.
Now going onto the latest offseason activity…
Jamie Moyer is definitely planning to stay with the Phillies. Whooooo :)
CC Sabathia has gotten a hefty offer from the Yankees. 
Pat Burrell’s future is still unknown, as of right now. :(
Kerry Wood has not resigned with the Cubs.
The biggest question right now: Who wants Manny?
And that seems to be it, aside from the many others who have filed for free agency 
If I can get a chance, and something huge comes up, you will see it here :)

Little late…Phils news 11/7.

Breaking news!!! (Ok, maybe not since it’s 12:30 on Saturday morning haha…)

But anyway, it has been known that both Jamie Moyer and Pat Burrell are filing for free agency…
I reallllly wish Philly had enough money to keep the ’08 championship team together…but as the days go on, it’s not looking good.
And, Matt Holliday? To the Phillies?? Hey, it’s possible…
According to the Hot Stove Blog, the Phils are keeping an eye on him. Seems good, right? Not so fast!!!! This potential trade, if it even happens, may also require Shane Victorino or Jayson Werth. To me, it’s not worth it. Seriously, it’s too much to lose over a guy who was in a slump….
There are others on the Phillies list, including Rocko Baldelli (Rays), Kevin Mench (Blue Jays), and Jerry Hairston, Jr. (Reds).
There’s still a lotta postseason left…….

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